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[Panel 1]

What, here? Haven't you
got enough at home?

Home is full of Nils plotting
the robot revolution, and I don't
want to drink alone in my room.

I might start talking to the books.

[Panel 2]
Well, we can't have that.

After all, the Great Work
is nearly at hand...

Oi, no proselytising in
the bar. That's what the
upstairs room is for.

[Panel 3]
You didn't mind last week.

Yes, but since then I've had
to throw out two JWs, a self-
appointed High Priestess of Isis,
and some fellow who thought
eating meat was the cause of
all the world's excesses.

So no more gods in the pub, eh?

[Panel 4]
That's a bit sudden.
You've never had
the ranters in
here much before.

It might be a
sign of the End
Times, I suppose...

The High Priestess said
something about ley lines, but
I think it's because the DLR
station was closed and they
got cold waiting for the bus.

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