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[Panel 1]
Hey Nils, when was the last
time you had a really shouty
argument with someone?

I don't remember.
I try not to.

How about any of
your friends?

I think Steve had to
shout at a drunk once.

[Panel 2]
So why is it that EVERYBODY
in The Archers is ALWAYS
shouting at each other?


Oh, it is very simple.

They get frustrated because
nobody listens to them.

[Panel 3]
Nobody listens to them
because they are very boring.

They are very boring
because they are
constantly frustrated.

There, I have solved
The Archers. Can I
stop listening now?

But it used not to be like that!

[Panel 4]
And I can't even threaten the
editor with Mum, because they went
months without one, and the new
one's only just started the job.

Surely someone was
doing it during the gap?

The Editor that dare
not speak its name?

No, that was the last but one.

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