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[Panel 1]
Well, it's official. An inch and
a half on the ground and the
Snowpocalypse has come to London.

What, again?

There was some bloke on the
radio explaining how we should
all panic because we don't
have a week's supply of food.

[Panel 2]
But we do. For the robot
uprising, you understand.

And the pub has
enough beer...

Not once people start
panic-drinking it doesn't.

First thing to stop is
the delivery lorries.

[Panel 3]
You'd think they could
cope with a bit of snow.

I mean, I'm allowed,
I didn't grow up with
the stuff, but you lot...

You poor deprived lad!

[Panel 4]
Hello! You need a better
front door lock.

That just means the day has
a Y in it. And I suppose YOU
have snow tyres for your bike.

Yes, why? Is there
going to be some snow?

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