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[Panel 1]
Bell, can you help me with

I don't want
to hear it.

Everybody needs help with
something and there's only
so much of me to go round.


[Panel 2]
I KNOW it's really important. It's
ALWAYS really important. That's
because everything is falling apart.

I didn't vote for everything
to fall apart but that's
what we've got anyway.

I think

[Panel 3]
And side Red blames side Blue for
everything, and side Blue blames
side Red, and unfortunately we
can't just take one side away to
Sane Policies-istan to get on with
running a country while everyone
else collapses into cannibalism.

Really, I

Not to mention that none of
our current lot of politicians
would be welcome in Sane
Policies-istan anyway.

[Panel 4]
I've unpacked my troubles from
Steve's old kitbag, and I'm waiting
until I drop down dead. All right?

I was just going to say, can you
help me finish the cask of raspberry
vodka that the madrigal group
missed because by that point in the
evening they could only see triple?

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