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[Panel 1]

What's up?

The 3D printing
service I've been
using has shut down.

Why were you using a 3D printing
service? You've GOT a printer.

[Panel 2]
To put other people in touch with
me. They'd send me their files,
I'd print them, I'd get money.


Can't you start your
own service for that?

Too much like hard work.
And I'd never get enough
people unless I spent my
life on donnering Facebook.

[Panel 3]
So what do people do if they want
an oddly-shaped bit of plastic now?

Don't know. The service has gone
business-to-business so that's no
good for most of my customers -
they just wanted a quick thingy
run up once in a while.

So I'll just keep selling privately
to my regulars, like that bloke
with the furniture business and the
one who builds drones...

[Panel 4]
...and I'll pick up
new customers where
I can find them.

In between doing your
actual well-paid job.

Yes. Sorry, were you
being sarcastic?


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