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[Panel 1]
All ready for Essen?


Got the hotel, got the
cash, got the ferry
tickets, got the...

Antje at the Universit├Ąt
is expecting me.

[Panel 2]
Are you making fun of me?

Perish the thought. You've
done all the work so that
I can have an easy trip.

Jaakko is bringing the truck
over for five o'clock.

Right-oh. My case is ready to go.

[Panel 3]
So all that's left is to
get a good night's sleep,
before we have a twelve hour
drive, four solid days of
gaming and beer, and another
twelve hour drive home.

Er... yes, a good
night's sleep.

Quick game of
Onitama first?

All right, just the one.

[Panel 4]
[style rect]
Some hours later...

Fifteen games to sixteen.
I suppose you've won, then.

Hah! Now for a
quick nap before

[style 8way]


Don't worry. After the
first two days without sleep,
it gets much easier...

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