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[Panel 1]
Third time lucky I suppose.

It's not my fault they
sent an acrophobic mover
who froze up when he saw
the steps. I did TELL them.

And the second lot NEARLY got it
round the corner at the top.

[Panel 2]
Well, looking on the bright
side, now I know how to take
the front door off its hinges.

You must promise to
use this knowledge
only for good.

So can we plug
it in yet?

Not for another

[Panel 3]
[style rect]
Thirty-seven minutes
and four seconds later

[style 8way]
Biddly beep

Is that it?

Well, it'll take
a few hours
to get cold.

Yes, summoning the Wind-
Walker is a tricky business,
especially for a machine.

[Panel 4]
Er, I don't really think that


... so apparently the
fridge Elizabeth recommended
to me is part of her
tentacular conspiracy.

Yes, isn't it great? AND
it's very energy-efficient.

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