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[Panel 1]
Now what?

It's the same circuit
as last time...

More Miyazaki!

I don't think susuwatari would
be able to fix the electrics,
though they'd have fun trying.

[Panel 2]
So what got turned on
recently... ah, sunset.

The outside light.
Probably a bat
flew past.

And after all that
rain we had earlier...

It's probably leaking.
Another thing to fix.

[Panel 3]
Oh, but I can do better this time!

No more silly fake lantern
thing, but a proper floodlight,
IP camera and intercom.

And coaxial laser?

You know me so well.

[Panel 4]
Can you get one without
a motion sensor?

It doesn't help when
I'm walking up the
stairs, and then when
I get to the top it
blinds me while I'm
looking for the key.

Er. Sure, I suppose.

Multiple colours? So that
we can put on the green light
on madrigal group night...

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