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[Panel 1]
Nils, could you

Can't stop, need
to get packed
for the weekend.

What are you off to?

Jaakko's giving me a lift to
Boardgame Till You Drop.

[Panel 2]
Where's that?

I don't know,
outside London.

One of
those places.

One of these days we are going to
have to Do something about your
outlook on English geography.

[Panel 3]
Fine, but meanwhile do you
remember where we're keeping
the strong carrier bags? I
need to carry more games.

I think Caz wanted them
for an art installation.

Maybe if I leave my dressing gown
behind I can fit more games in.

[Panel 4]
I mean it's not as if I'm
going to be sleeping anyway.

SOME people go away for
the weekend to RELAX.

But I have a job for that!

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