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[Panel 1]
A pint of your finest gin, please.

First week
back at work?

Always the hardest. Everyone
else's helpful changes to undo.

[Panel 2]
Because you are the only
person who understands the
True Way of Libraries, right?

Well, I wouldn't
quite have put it
that way, but yes.

So what do they do in
places where they don't
have the benefit of
employing you?

[Panel 3]
Fire and chaos, I assume.
Breakdown of shelving order.
Probably cannibalism.

Among the books
or the patrons?


[Panel 4]
Whereas I can always invite people
to join me on the upper floors
if they get too troublesome.

I know the building's
not safe, but isn't
that a bit obvious?

Oh, the building. Yes. That's
the story we give out. What do
you THINK happens when you get
lots of obscure knowledge
concentrated in the same place?

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