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[Panel 1]
It... is... American!

Does that count as alive?

I've set up a new network
exit point, so that we can
look like Americans on the
Internet to companies that
care about that kind of thing.


[Panel 2]
And got the warranty sorted
for your new boiler. You aren't
a Baptist, right? They said
they couldn't cover them.

You know, I think
that's quite
illegal now.

Not if it's for a technical
reason. Apparently the, er,
"fire providers" get loose
too quickly so it's not
economic to repair the things.

[Panel 3]
Trust Steve to pick a demonic
boiler. Still, it IS cheap to run.

Just a drop or two of virgin
blood every new moon?

No! Don't be silly. The
blood of any fit and
proper person will do.

[Panel 4]
Demons understand
the licencing laws?

Where do you
think licencing
laws COME from?

Holy fools are acceptable too.
Have you seen Jaakko lately?

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