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[Panel 1]
Anything yet?

No. I do not see why
I cannot use a torch.

Because it might...
ignite the beer fumes.

But then why is the...Perkele!

[Panel 2]
You all right?

Cut my hand on your
boiler. Did you know
it had sharp edges?

Goodness. No, that
hadn't occurred to me.

[Panel 3]
I do not think I spilled much
blood. Let me clean it up.

Don't worry, that's
taken care of.

There are times when
I worry about you...

[Panel 4]
[style 8way]


Never mind, it
seems to be
working again now.

You can have
another go next
time it breaks.

Which might
be in about
four weeks.

...more than other times.

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