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[Panel 1]
Feels strange, seeing this
place empty of an evening.

Oh, thanks. I
hadn't noticed that.


[Panel 2]
I wouldn't have minded if they'd
just shut the pubs down at once.

The way they did in Ireland?

Yeah. Now they've done that
there's going to be some sort of
compensation, either from the
insurers or from the government.

[Panel 3]
But a week of being a pub that
everyone's been told to stay away
from? No compensation for that.

What you need
is to bring the
pub to them.

But I… hmm. Is Jaakko
at a loose end?

[Panel 4]
Well, we're all working from
home for the moment. Why?

Pubs-at-Home. You send in
your order, and within
minutes a mad Finn (but I
repeat myself) turns up on
a bicycle with your round.

For a little extra, he'll also
spill your pint and start a fight.

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