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[Panel 1]
Did you read the updates?

All right if you like
taking Outdoor Exercise,
but the pub's still naffed.

No chance of opening before
July, and probably not then.

Want draught beer.

[Panel 2]
Me too. But at least now I KNOW I
shouldn't be expecting anything
before then. So I won't have to
drop everything else at no notice.

That Scottish boardgame
thing has been cancelled,
and that was in October.

[Panel 3]
I'm officially giving up hope
for Essen. Then if it happens
it'll be a nice surprise.

But considering how
much trouble Germany's
gone to to get things
right they'd be daft
to let us lot in.

Still, at least now we have a
five stage alert system. I felt
SO much more secure after they
introduced that for terrorism.

[Panel 4]
But it's not in colours!

Is that harder to understand?

No, but I feel all lost if I
can't complain that blue doesn't
come between yellow and green.

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