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[Panel 1]
My dad's got the plague. Maybe.


He's got the
symptoms, but
he hasn't had
a test yet.

Aren't you supposed
to get tested within

[Panel 2]
Five days, yes. So he went on
the website to order one and
there's two weeks' waiting time.

No wonder the
reported cases
are going down!

Or you can drive to a hospital.
If you drive. And he knows better
than to do that even when he
DOESN'T have a high fever.

[Panel 3]
Mobile testing vans?

You know who tells
you where they are?


The local council.

[Panel 4]
Who are about as competent
at putting stuff on a web
page as mum's cat. Probably
less, he's a fairly smart cat.

So if you've got
symptoms, you're
apparently supposed
to wander around
town, looking for…


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