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[Panel 1]
Do you ever find yourself wondering…?

Whether there's any
more mild in the
cellar? Yes, often.

What's the point of it all?
World's going to pot, this
country more than most.

[Panel 2]
Oh, sure. But if I think about it
too much I get depressed, so I
read a book or play a game instead.

Doesn't really help
much, does it?

And run a videoconference
server for my mates that they
know isn't spying on them.

[Panel 3]
And send my cash to people who have
the time and energy to fight back.

Can't fix it, but
can make things
a bit better.

This place is ticking over all
right, but any profit's going
straight back into improvements.

[Panel 4]
But you're doing the most
important thing of all!

What, selling people
beer and food?

Giving them a place to come
and complain and be reminded
that unlike the news and
Facetwit not everybody in
the real world is a boere who
wants to kick your head in.

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