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[Panel 1]
So now it's officially a l—

Don't call it a lockdown,
we're not in prison.

I can't help it, that's the
word everyone's using.

[Panel 2]
And at least we don't have riots.

Everyone's too tired.

And what with no pubs…

[Panel 3]
But surely drinking at home
is worse for getting hacked
off with the world?

You drink too much at home, you
have a quick weep and fall asleep.
You drink too much in a pub, you
come out into the cold, you have
to try to get home. you smell
your sweat after eleventeen
pints of nasty lager…

Then you think someone jumped the
taxi queue and it all kicks off.

[Panel 4]
You know too much about this.

Perils of the job.
I barely drink any more.

[style 8way]

Ooh, that'll be my delivery
from World of Metheglin…

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