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[Panel 1]
Nils, could you…?

Could not queue event:
queue is full.

Oh dear.

[Panel 2]
I've got tonight's adventure
to write and editorial comments
to turn round on the latest
short thingy and a programming
challenge to do and my maths
trade to check in on and…

And occasionally even
a job to go to.

[Panel 3]
Oh yes, this is just the stuff I
do for fun. Work is much easier.

Has it ever occurred
to you that you have
skewed priorities?

I should hope so! But I enjoy
the games and computers, and
when people can't do a thing
I like to help them out.

[Panel 4]
Well WHEN your queue has
cleared out a bit I've got some
metheglin I want you to try.

Ah. I'll put that on
the queue of things to go
on the queue. Two lists
are better than one!

Oh, well, if there are still
slots available in THAT queue…

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