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[Panel 1]
So now people can
drink in here again…

Well, a few people at a
distance. And I still 'ave
to carry their beer to 'em.

It's just not the same without
people cluttering up the bar for a
natter while I'm trying to serve.

[Panel 2]
You're right. It's BETTER.

S'pose. Anyway, might as
well get in some money
before they close us
again for Wave Three.

Little ray of bleedin'
sunshine, ain't you?

[Panel 3]
Er, 'scuse me? Lifestyle goth here?

Guess it's my job to
be the cheerful one
then. Didn't think
THAT would be in
the description.

Usually I'm the fighty one.

[Panel 4]
You should probably be at the
plastic pub up the road for that.
Soon as they opened again, it was
back to fights over taxis and
throwing up on the pavement.

That's the sort of
drinker you get
there, I s'pose.

But last week when they had
to drink in our roof shelter
they weren't like that!

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