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[Panel 1]
What's up with Nils?

We were going to go to a
boardgame thing, and now
he's found they aren't
asking for vaccinations
or tests or even masks.

Have they SEEN the numbers?

[Panel 2]
Apparently they think complying
with the law is good enough.

It's not illegal to lie carnally
with thy neighbour's wife, to
defile thyself with her, but that
doesn't make it a good idea.

Thanks. Trying not to think
of our neighbours now.

[Panel 3]
So now you'll be hanging around the
place this weekend, I suppose?

Once Nils recovers
from the mopes.

He'll blow something up and
then he'll feel better.

[Panel 4]
I'll probably see if we
can get some people over
here who don't mind doing
antigen tests beforehand.

So… you might have
some time to help with
cleaning out the upstairs
room at the pub?

Oh look at that, everyone wants to
play that, er, very long game…

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