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[Panel 1]
Am I too late for Last Orders?

By about an hour.

Even if I look
all cute and not
at all stabby?

As one of the trustees of this pub
you should be more concerned about
me potentially losing my licence.

[Panel 2]
Particularly considering that once
I've finished cleaning here I can
give you some of my personal supply
of the good stuff back at the flat.

Right then, what
needs cleaning?


[Panel 3]
[style rect]
One cleaning of everything later…

Now, what was the
urgent drinkage
all about anyway?

Electrical testing. They sent
out a thing saying "hide your
kettles and hair dryers,
the testers are coming round".

But isn't the point of testing…?

[Panel 4]
So that rubbish old kit doesn't
set the place on fire, yes.

I think Nils might still
have his "special"
insulation test rig.

There'll still be a fire, but
at least you know when it'll
happen and can have the
extinguisher ready.

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