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[Panel 1]
I hate summer.

What? What's to hate? Warm
(sometimes even hot)…

…people being happy…

…standard holiday rail
strikes stopping the place
from filling up with People…

[Panel 2]
Oh, I agree that's all fine. But
the sunshine really shows up where
I haven't cleaned my room all year.

Send the slaughterbot round.

I have. But they
don't clean windows.

And then there are all the books.

[Panel 3]
Books collect dust like
nothing else on earth.

I know a bloke
who's restoring
a W.1 turbojet.

Set it on high and
it ought to solve
the dust problem.

And the cobweb problem and the
books not being on fire problem.

[Panel 4]

eat spiders.

I expect Jaakko
knows someone who
keeps scorpions.

Yes, you could have a
scorpion as a flatmate
instead of me, but
would it pay rent?

A gecko, now, that's an idea.

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