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[Panel 1]
Evening Elizabeth. Haven't
seen you around much.

I was on
duties at work.


We have some very old books.
They've seen kings and queens come
and go, and they get… nervous.

[Panel 2]
So you go in and…?

Walk up and down the stacks
with my lamp, saying reassuring
things. Like a beekeeper, except
the worst that can happen to
THEM is getting stung to death.

Your… lamp.

[Panel 3]
Oh yes! It was a candle when I
started, but they let me use a
Davy now, in case of gas pockets.

They do KNOW there are
LEDs and things now, right?

The senior librarians aren't
fond of anything more recent than
the founding of the university.

[Panel 4]
We may write code in Rust, but our
computers still come under the
"calculating machines" budget.

Then you'd think they'd find
a supply of chimney-orphans
to do that job for you.

Much too expensive when
they don't come back. Nobody
misses permanent staff.

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