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[Panel 1]
Who, lest the fraud of hell's black king
Should all men to destruction bring…

Oh, hullo Nils. Everything
set for Christmas?

We are not contract coders
That code from door to door
But we are friendly admins
Whom you have seen before.

[Panel 2]
A bit early for wassailing, isn't it?

Advent of Code didn't
start till the first.
Gets me every year.

Just to make it more fun,
I'm doing it in a different
language each day.

[Panel 3]

Kotlin today. Tomorrow, who knows?

I may have used
up C too early, but
I'm fairly kak at C.

[Panel 4]
Anyway, yes, the freezer is full,
and Bell's got a pub full of beer.

What, no room for
my turkey barbecue?

Winterbraai? Quick, to the
flammables locker!

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