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[Panel 1]
We wish you a merry thingy
and a happy whatnot.

I must remind you that
your free Christmas Day
pint for regulars was
six pints ago.

Beer's worth paying for. If I
don't pay for the beer, no pub.

[Panel 2]
In spite of your best efforts,
you don't QUITE keep the
place open single-handed.

There is, after all,
the madrigal group.

But they don't drink beer at
all. They'd be happy with any
old mead and metheglin bar.

[Panel 3]
So many of those in London.

Anyway I'm drinking
for two these days.
Haven't seen Jaakko
since, what, February?

You are NOT drinking
for Jaakko. Evidence:
you are still alive.

[Panel 4]
Well, here's to another year.

Full of good things?

These days you can't set
your sights that high.

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