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[Panel 1]
Plastic Pub's closed down again.

Must be Tuesday.

I saw the fitters moving
stuff in and out.

[Panel 2]
I wonder why? I mean, the
new owners will fit it out
just the same way. Big TVs,
thumpy sound system, not enough
seats, no proper cellarage.

It's what
else does?

So the bank can't blame
them when they go bust after
six months like everyone else.

[Panel 3]
Anyway, it won't be EXACTLY the
same. They're nailing up shamrocks.

Oh, is that
trendy again?


Remind me to get in some
decent stout. You wouldn't
think you could mess up
keeping Guinness, but
people manage it.

[Panel 4]
If it's being an Irish Pub,
can they still show the same
football? Shouldn't it be
hurling or something?

Ooh, now that might
actually get people in.

But it's not what everyone
else does, so not a chance.

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