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[Panel 1]
There was another delivery
for you while you were out.

Oh good. More discs.

How many discs do you need, and
will the house stand the load?

[Panel 2]
Oh, they're not growing. It's
just, when a disc fails, I want
to slap in a replacement
before the next one goes.

Otherwise you'd
lose data?

Well, only if three out of eight
fail at once, and then I'd have
to restore from the backup server.

[Panel 3]
Has it ever occurred to
you that you might be
overdoing things a bit?

Oh, sure.

But the alternative is five
hundred quid a month for someone
else's storage, and some of what's
on the server I don't want anyone
official to know I've got.

[Panel 4]
Or, you know, an actual music
or video streaming service?

Nah. Stuff goes away.

At least if I lose it from here
it's because I lost it, not because
some record company has a new
boss and they want more money
for their back catalogue.

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