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[Panel 1]
And that's my second
lemming over the line.

It's a man's life in
the lemming racers.

That is an excellent game.
Hand management, terrain,
a bit of interaction…

[Panel 2]
You didn't HAVE to push
me into the mountains.

Yes I did.

But no running off cliffs.

[Panel 3]
That was only a Disney fake anyway.

So why didn't I know
about this game?

It's a few years old and there
were suddenly LOTS of new games
coming out then. So it was a bit
of a success but not a huge one,
and it just got forgotten.

[Panel 4]
This shall not stand!

I had to order this
copy second-hand from
a guy in Zagreb.

Hmm, I wonder if there are
any in Serbia? I could ask
the War Librarians people
to keep an eye out…

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