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[Panel 1]
They're having a Christmas
party at the Library.

Because we have all
wished REALLY HARD and
the plague has gone away?

Pretty much. So I won't be there.
But… they've got a spreadsheet
that people can add to to make up
the "Christmas songs" playlist.

[Panel 2]
Well that sounds suitably dire.

An unsecured spreadsheet.

I see why you came to me about this.

[Panel 3]
Let's see, Abney Park
did a nice gloomy version
of the Coventry Carol…

And of course Mi-Go We
Have Heard On High.

We need to save "Christmas In
The Heart" for when everyone's
already quite drunk and they
can't work out what's going
on until Dylan starts singing.

[Panel 4]
I don't think I've heard that one…

Good. Don't.

Now, to crank things up a bit, I've
got the Smurfs Christmas Album…

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