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[Panel 1]
How's the metheglin supply doing?

Whatever your madrigral
group left intact
after the last fight.

It wasn't a fight! We put back
all the chairs and everything.

[Panel 2]
Yeah, but some of Caz's power tool
enthusiasts were downstairs and
they were asking if THEY make that
much noise when they're up there.

We may have
got… lively.

"My Bonny Lass She Bangeth
Like The Privy Door When
The Plague's In Town"?

[Panel 3]
It's a loose translation!

Seems as though
half your songs
are about sex.

And the other half are about
God. With some overlap.

[Panel 4]
You know, if we'd had
people like you when I was
doing school history…

You'd never have
got any work done.

True, but we might
all have run off to
found a convent.

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