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[Panel 1]
And so the new work year
gradually gets started…

All right for some.

Well, the leave allowance runs
out at the end of January.

[Panel 2]
So I spread what I had left
round Christmas when the
office is closed anyway.

But you don't go
in to the office.

Technically I do. Ish.

[Panel 3]
I mean, I went in last time
they closed a machine room and
threw out all the old kit.

I can hear the
attic creaking now.

But not, for example, to the
company Christmas party?

[Panel 4]
Oh, did they have one? My
contract manager must have
forgotten to tell me.

You ARE your
contract manager.

Different legal personalities. I
mean, if I knew how much he was
skimming off the top of my fees…

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