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[Panel 1]
I didn't know he was
a religious fanatic!

You asked him
for poutine with
black pudding.

I still don't see what the
tabernacle has to do with it.

[Panel 2]
I'll teach you basic Québecois
swearing later. It's your
turn back at the game.

But… poutine…

You've offended a Quebecker. You'll
know when he's forgiven you because
he'll only spit in your face.

[Panel 3]
…yes, all right, I'll order
for you for the rest of the
convention. But you owe me.

I could let you
drop an Unrest card
on my Mahabharata?

You'll do that anyway,
AND get Goods for it.

[Panel 4]
Oh all right, I'll get
your beer until we go home.

I do feel a
powerful thirst
coming on.

But first, you need to be
crushed under the yoke of
the Polynesian Empire!

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