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[Panel 1]
[style rect]
Back in Paris...

I think that should sort
things. Just wave the axe at
it if it misbehaves again.

Merci bien, Nils. It's
a shame you had to lose a
day of work at home.

[Panel 2]
Not at all. It's Dress Down
Day, so half the staff are
taking a sickie because they
don't have any casual clothes.

The other half are praying
they didn't wear a more expensive
rugby shirt than their managers.

Ah, so if anything
breaks they won't be in
any state to notice.

[Panel 3]
I think they arrange for me to be
away on dress-down days, in fact.

They're afraid you'll wear Dutch
national dress, with clogs?

No, a saboteur would
have to be French.

[Panel 4]
They're afraid I'll revert to my
grandmother's side of the family.

Your grandmother was Danish, right?

And you can do MUCH more damage with
an axe than with a wooden shoe.

I wrote a web page about it.

With photographs.

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