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[Panel 1]
[style rect]
In Paris...

I don't REMEMBER how I fixed the
servers. That was AGES ago. And I
wrote it all up at the time.

Yes, but the bosses want to look
as if they're Doing Something
this financial year. So I need a
new report out of you.

Come on, I could have done
that by email. You didn't need
me to fly out here again.

[Panel 2]
Then I wouldn't have been able to
give you your Christmas present.

[style 8way]



Just what I ALWAYS wanted.

You just want me out
of the way so that you
can take over the
London admins, right?

How can you think such a thing?

[Panel 3]
Easily. I've met you
before, remember?

I just thought you might like
to breed little fromagettes.

Assuming they let me take it
onto the plane on the way back.

So now you see how it comes that I ask for you
to come here, and not for me to visit with you.

[Panel 4]
Thank you too much. I really need
to be in the books as a terrorist.

Where do you GET
these things, anyway?
A bio-hazard dump?

There's a small shop in a side
street in the Quartier Latin.

Well, more of an alley really.

And when I say "shop", "cart"
might be more accurate.

The old man DID seem to
be in a bit of a hurry...

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