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[Panel 1]
[style rect]

[style octagon]
[textcolour DarkOrchid4]
Are you sure I can't persuade
you to come out? I'm pretty sure
the Ampersand Band's on at

I'm really not up for too much
noise, and I just washed my
hair. D'you fancy coming over
here instead?

I don't know... I'm in a
mood to meet people...

[Panel 2]
There's nobody else around, but
I've got half a crate of weissbier...
and the Chinese on speed-dial...

...and you said you wanted to lend
me a hair book.

That's "Heyer". She's an author.

[Panel 3]
It's a long way to come just to
lend you a book, though, and
I've already met you.

[style octagon]
[textcolour orange3]
Oh, it's gone! It just hidden in
the mist. Didn't you see those
battle ships just passed in
front of the window?

What's that I can hear in the
background? One of your goth

No, my landlord just downloaded
a Korean bootleg of
Howl's Moving Castle.

[Panel 4]

You still there? Elizabeth?

Pause it. See you
in half an hour.

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