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[Panel 1]
[style rect]

I can't believe you've never
read any Georgette Heyer. It's
not the bodice-ripping stuff
people think it is.

I don't read all that much. I
get back from work and I just
want to sit around, listen to
music, nothing too demanding.

[Panel 2]
It's like that time a few years
back when everyone was talking
about The Lord of the Rings... I
couldn't get into it.

Oh, well, there's a trick to that.
Before you go back to it, try
reading the book Tolkien did first.

[Panel 3]
It's got a lot of the
ideas he used later about
honour and reliability.

What, The Hobbit?
The Silmarillion was
later, wasn't it?

[Panel 4]
No, Sir Gawain and the Green
Knight. Even if you can't
understand it it's great poetry!

"For wonder of his hwe men hade,
Set in his semblaunt sene;
He ferde as freke were fade,
And oueral enker-grene."

Um... right. I think I'll
start with the Heyer.

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