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[Panel 1]
[style rect]

I'll just drop by on the
way home and fix anything
my peons couldn't handle.

[style octagon]
[textcolour SteelBlue4]
queep queep queep

[Panel 2]
...such as "mice nesting
in main transaction server".

Ah, les jolies petites souris...

There are more axes where
that one came from, mate.

[Panel 3]
So how are you going
to deal with them?

Upgrade the bosses' private
network to gigabit Ethernet.

[Panel 4]
The mice will nibble on
that rather than on the
normal data cables...

...and if the bosses notice they
won't dare call you about the
interruption of their goat-pr0n.

Best way to deal with dumb
animals is other dumb animals.

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