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[Panel 1]
Oh, hi, Nils. I thought
you'd be in earlier. You
just missed Elizabeth.

I don't believe she's real - she
always leaves just before I get
in and arrives just after I go out.

She is TOO real, she
left a book. See?

Whatever. I'm too wiped to argue
about your mythical friends.

[Panel 2]
I had to stop by at the
office and catch some mice,
or I might have caught her.

I thought it was viruses you
had to deal with at work.

Them too. On the whole I prefer mice.

[Panel 3]
They couldn't resist Camille, so
I caught them quite easily.


Bell, this is Camille the
Camembert. Camille, meet my
housemate Bell.

[style 8way]


[Panel 4]
Um, not wanting to be a
killjoy, but is that a
food or a new tenant?

I don't really know. Let's put
him in the kitchen and find out.

If he comes back in here
and starts to play music,
then he's a tenant.

Otherwise it's lunch...

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