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[Panel 1]
That was a first-rate
evening. Glad I got Ginny
to invite you two along?

Yes. Gladder to get back
into my usual clobber,
though. Those boots are HOT.

You know, we really ought to do more
cooking here. We've got that lovely
kitchen, and all we ever seem to
do is heat pizzas in the microwave.

And what's wrong with nuked pizza?

[Panel 2]
There's nothing wrong
with nuked pizza.

Just not EVERY day.

I suppose you'd rather
make things out of that
book, what's it called?

'The Forme of Cury'. It's a classic
medieval cookery book, you know.

[Panel 3]
Which would be great if we
were medieval, but we're not.

And it says things like
'Take sufficient of onions'.

How many is that?

All the onions in the house
and then buy some more, as
far as I'm concerned.

Sounds good to me.

[Panel 4]
We could take it in turns to
do a meal each week some
evening we're all in.

I have a slight problem with that.

You can't cook?

No, it's just that most
of my best recipes, you
need to wire it to the
engine casing just before
the helicopter goes off
for a half-hour sortie.

I do have a friend with a helicopter...

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