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[Panel 1]
I invited Jaakko to come over
later this evening to have
a look at that old server.

Oooh, a visitor! Should
we bake a cake?

If you want.

What I was thinking was that
he's a bit fanatical about his
coffee, you may have noticed.

He did drink six cups
at Ginny's dinner.

[Panel 2]
I know I used to have
a coffee-machine but
I can't find it.

I've never even seen
it! You two always drink
instant, don't you?

Yah, it's easier -- if I
want it really strong I
just use a dessert spoon
instead of a teaspoon.

That explains why there's
always a dessert spoon in
the sink in the morning.
I wondered about that.

[Panel 3]
But I don't think that
will do for Jaakko.

It's ok, I know
where that etna
thing of yours is.
It's in the cupboard
over the oven.

Along with all the other
things we never use, like
the food processor and the
sandwich maker and the
slow-cooker and the
electric carving-knife and
the electric wok...

We have an electric wok?

[Panel 4]
My mother gave it to me.

To encourage you to be more
adventurous in your cooking?

My mum? Adventurous
cooking? You must be
joking, she's strictly a
meat-and-two-veg. cook.

So why the wok?

I think she just couldn't find an
electric yorkshire-pudding-maker.

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