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[Panel 1]
Hey, Elizabeth. Does that book of yours
have any recipes for pomegranates?

...grynd peper
and safron and
caste thereto...
I don't think so.

All right, what's such a
fancy dish it gets SAFFRON?

Afronchemoyle. It's like
haggis, only more so.

[Panel 2]
Sounds good. Anyway, I got this thing at
Tesburys. Won it, I should say. There
was a peel-off card and everything.

What was the second
prize? Two pomegranates?

If it's anything like their usual
fruit, it'll rot before it ripens.
So I'm not really that worried.

For that you spent ten quid?

[Panel 3]
I was only in there
looking for gamer-chow.
They all have the
pie-charts now to show
you how healthy they
are, but somehow they
always manage to avoid
being red in ALL the

So what did you buy in the end?

There were a couple of things that
were red in every sector except
the one for salt. I got those.

[Panel 4]
Don't tell me YOU worry
about your sodium intake.

It's the easiest to sprinkle
over things on a plate.

You don't feel that sprinkling
salt on jam tarts and chocolate
biscuits is carrying unhealthy
living a bit too far?

We've run out of soy sauce.

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