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[In the pub]
[Panel 1]
Do me a favour, Bell?


Is that any way to talk
to your old mate Steve?

An old mate who is also the Boss.

So MAYBE I'll do you a favour.

Or maybe it'll cost
you double overtime.

[Panel 2]
Ask Elizabeth to lay off the
mouse-chat with Mandi, would you?

Oh, THAT sort of favour.
Sure, no prob.

See, I don't want Mandi
thinking about mice in here.

I suppose she is dumb enough
to think talking about mice and
seeing them are the same thing.

[Panel 3]
She's good at the job,
the punters like her, and
I don't want to lose her.

And a bit less of
the "dumb" out of
you. Some ways
she's brighter
than you are.

How'd you figure that?

You take me for the price of a
new t-shirt every so often...

Me? As if!

[Panel 4]
We both know it.

But Mandi's worked
out exactly how much
I'll stand for, and
she's milking the
place for a steady
half-point off the
top every shift.

Is she though...

Don't even THINK about it, Bell.

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