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# In the pub - nobody else about
[Panel 1]
'Ere, Bell, I need to
ask you something.

It wasn't me.

Nobody saw me.

You can't prove anything.

I've got no complaints about your
work... well, not too many...

Too kind.

[Panel 2]
...but how long are you
planning to keep working here?

Hadn't really thought about it.

If you want your own place, I know
some blokes in town who are looking
to get out because of the smoking
ban. And a few in the west country,
and one up in Chester...

[Panel 3]
What, all that paperwork and
inspection? Give me a break.
Not to mention proving I'm a
fit and proper person. One look
at my music collection and
THAT'll be out of the window.

Give it some thought, eh? Working
as bar staff is no way to get your
old age taken care of. It's not
that great even if you're the boss.

[Panel 4]
It's all right, I've got a
foolproof system for the Lottery.

You've got WHAT?

You know how Mandi gets
ten tickets every week?

Yeah. She's won a
tenner twice so far.

Every week I put ten quid in
the bank. So far this year
I'm two hundred up on her.

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