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[Panel 1]
# Bell and Steve are behind the bar
Could you ask them to
keep the hammering down?

We're trying to listen
to the band over here.

Yeah, sorry. OI, YOU LOT!

How do you manage to get
them to work evenings anyway?

Work? No, for ME that would be
work -- for that lot, it's play.

[Panel 2]
They refurbish pubs
for fun? Yeahright.

I could use builders who
don't want paying.

So could we, mate.

That's not builders.

That's the Lesbian
Carpenters' Collective,

Get on -- you're kidding me!

[Panel 3]
No, straight up.
They meet most

Would you rather
he said it was the
Marmite Street
Theatre Upstairs?

So what are they
DOING up there?

I dunno. Showing each other
new sorts of mortice joints
or something, I expect.

[Panel 4]
Anyhow, it used to be worse.
At least Steve's told them
now: no power tools.

They try it on
every time, even so.

Hey, Steve, remember
that time one of
them smuggled in an
electric screwdriver?

I still can't think where
she had it stowed....

If you can't work it
out by now then I'M
not going to tell you.

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