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[Panel 1]
Nils, come here a minute.

Something wrong with the laptop?

It is worse than
just a wrong thing.


Look at these files!

Someone planted goatpr0n
on it? Let's have a lo...

[Panel 2]


"Koran parts 1 to 98"?

Jaakko, you complete idiot!

No, no I am not. It looks
like mine, but it's got
this sticker on the side...

"Office for Security and

Jaakko, where did you get this?

[Panel 3]
You know I had to come
in by train today?

I must have picked up the
wrong laptop! Now what do I do?


Officially I think you are
meant to take it to the police.

Traditionally I think you
ought to give it to the BBC.

Selling it to the News of
the Screws is frowned on...

[Panel 4]
I might have to do that.

Nils, if I have picked
up their laptop ...

Awrk! They have yours?

Yah. Must have.

When they look in it and
find my photos from the
trip to that uranium plant...

I'm going to need a lot
of money for my lawyers.

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