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[Panel 1]
Hang on, I'll just go and get the
adaptor card for you. I'm pretty
sure it's behind one of the RS6000s.

It is really not
all that urgent...

Good. Because on past form he's
going to get distracted by a random
piece of industrial archaeology and
be up in the loft all night.

[Panel 2]
Meanwhile, hello. I seem to be
turning up here a lot lately.

It could be worse. At least
there aren't five women each
with differently-coloured hair
vying for your attentions.

I don't suppose I'd mind...
hang on, you watch anime too?

[Panel 3]
Mostly the older stuff. Early
Ghibli, the Lupin TV series,
the Megami-sama OVA...

Still good, but I thought the AMG
TV series had the edge just
because there was more time to
explore things. It was a lot
closer to the manga, too.

Subtitle, I take it?

Good heavens yes! Who wants to hear
Lisa Ortiz shouting "Dragon Slave"
when they could hear Megumi
Hayashibara doing it properly?

[Panel 4]
We've lost them. They've
discovered a passion in common.

Any time now she'll find out he
knows all about mediaeval Finnish
burial customs or something.

He's still on good terms
with Kaija, right? No
risk of his moving in?

Would we be able to tell,
once those two get talking?

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