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[Panel 1]
Elizabeth, are you all
right? You look dreadful.


No. No tea.

No tea? You're ILL.

[Panel 2]
Not unless I've got heatstroke.

Nils finished having that
cold ages ago, but he's
still got the thermostat
turned up to "sub-Saharan".

Why can't he just wear that horrid
sweater he got for Christmas?

[Panel 3]
No good, he got the money back on
that. And then he walked home
through the first snow. That's
probably when he got the cold.

No wonder he was muttering
about doing everything via
the Internet from now on.

What I need is iced lemonade
and a cold shower.

Now you mention it, I oughtn't
to be comfortable in mid-winter
wearing just a tee-shirt.

[Panel 4]
So you'll back me up when
I ask him to sort it?

Why not just turn it
down yourself? He'd
probably never notice.

Have you seen what he's done
to the heating system? I'd
need the house root password.

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