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[Panel 1]
So let me see if I've got this right.

They fired half the staff in the bank
because the government people
could handle everything.

And then those guys
couldn't cope and they
hired some consultants.

Who happen to be the same
people who got fired, but
costing twice as much.

Where else were they going to find
people who knew that particular
hellish brew of Perl, Oracle,
WebSphere, Perl, Excel and Perl?

[Panel 2]
But isn't it a problem
being dropped back into
the place that fired you?

No, it's great.

I give the same advice
I always did, but now
that they're paying
through the nose for
it they actually listen.

So this cost-saving measure...

[Ginny] your tax-money at work.

[Panel 3]
So now Ginny and Jaakko
are working for a firm
Nils is running?


Called Ratel Consulting.

What does that mean?

A ratel's a sort of badger,
only more vicious.

Sounds about right for Nils, then...

[Panel 4]
Maybe I ought to sack myself
and then re-hire me at double
wages -- what d'you reckon?

What would your union rep
have to say about it?

I would have to fight that
exploitation of the workers
with every fibre of my being.

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