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# in the kitchen
[Panel 1]
Good morning, Nils!



A visit from the
Hangover Fairy I see.

Is that anything like
the Tooth Fairy?

[Panel 2]
She's got bigger stompier boots...

That's as may be. Right now I'm
looking for the Aspirin Fairy.

Have you seen her anywhere?

That one got laid off in the latest
budget cuts. Go and have a shower.

[Panel 3]
I don't know, he'll drink beer
all night and be fine, but a
pint of Jaakko's homebrewed mead
and he's all over the place.

I make it a rule never
to drink anything that
comes out of a dustbin.

Fermenting bin. And I
thought it was all right.

YOU were drinking it
like wine, not like beer.

[Panel 4]
# by the sink
Hang on, I need to time this just
right. Wait for him to get into the
bathroom, turn on the tap and...

[style 8way]
[size 42]

A visit from the Cold Shower Fairy.
He'll thank me for it later.

For now, run.

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