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[Panel 1]
What do you mean, we're
going to be evicted?

MegaGloboBank finally noticed
they had my mortgage on the
employees-only scheme. And they
reckon they can save some cash...

You need an expert. Steve,
who's good on mortgages?

Oi, Alan! Over 'ere!

[Panel 2]
[Nils] that's the way it is.

No problem. There are places like
Northern Rock desperate to look as
if they can still do business, so
I'll pay off your current mortgage
with a new loan from one of them.
Should save you a few quid, too.

Just not MegaGloboBank, eh?

Never let the left hand know what
the right hand's foreclosing on?

[Panel 3]
Would it help if I took out a loan as a
small company in the Dominion of Melchizedek?

Why on earth would a small company in
Melchizedek want to rent a room from me?

I don't know.... Might be
useful to have a London base.

Probably for a tax fiddle. That's
what those companies are for, right?

Mind you, they are about the only
sort of company that can REALLY
raise a loan easily these days....

[Panel 4]
Even with assets deemed
at zero value for collateral
in a fire sale....


Bell, I didn't realise!

ARE you a small company in the
Dominion of Melchizedek?

Oh, aren't we all, these days?

I dunno -- it doesn't have
quite the same ring as "We
are all foreign students".

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